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The Timeshare Law (Ley 42/1998)
and how it can help you to reclaim your money...

On the 26th October 1994, the European Communities adopted the "The European Directive 94/47/EC of the European Parliament and Council on the protection of purchasers in respect of certain aspects of contracts relating to the purchase of the right to use immovable properties on a timeshare basis". It was passed into law in Spain on the 16th December 1998 and is known as "The Timeshare Law".

If you bought a timeshare/s in Spain after this date directly from a developer (not a re-sale) and you feel that you were miss-sold (according to the Law) or miss-represented in any way, you may be able to claim all of the money you paid for the timeshare back and in some cases up to double the amount you paid.

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The Key Points of Law 42/1998

  • The law covers all Spanish land - including the Balearics and Canaries
  • The law applies to rights of use for 3 years or more (up to a maximum of 50 years)
  • Purchasers must be allowed, and told about, a 10 day "cooling-off" period. "Day 1" is the day after both parties have signed the purchase contract.
  • Any advance payment from the buyer during the cooling-off period is prohibited.
  • If any advance payment is made in the cooling-off period, the cooling off period is extended to three months.
  • If any advance payment is made in the cooling-off period, the buyer is entitled to claim double this amount back.
  • The buyer is not required to pay any costs if he cancels within the cooling-off period.
  • Any related finance agreement will be automatically cancelled (at no cost to the purchaser) if the buyer cancels within the cooling-off period
  • No mention of the words "ownership" may be made in the contract
  • Buyers must be given a comprehensive list of information - failure to do this extends the cooling-off period by three months.

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