The genuine legal solution to reclaim money paid for miss-sold timeshare

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Are you eligible to claim?

Each case will have to be reviewed on an individual basis but if you bought your timeshare (directly from a developer i.e. not a re-sale) after December 1998 and you paid a deposit within the 10 day cooling off period then almost certainly you will be eligible to make a claim.

How long will the legal proceedings take?

It can take up to 24 months, from the time we receive all your original paperwork so that we can file your case, before the court will pass a sentence on the claim and order an amount of money to be refunded to you.

How much can I expect to receive from my claim?

Each case is reviewed on an individual basis. Our lawyers will claim a full refund of the amount paid for your Timeshare / Holiday Ownership / Points plus full repayment of all your legal fees with interest being added thoughout your claimant period. In some cases you can claim up to double the amount you paid during the cooling off period.

What costs are involved and what are they for ?

You will have to pay the legal costs of bringing your claim to the courts. This includes the lawyers fees, claim tax, procurador costs, certified legal translation of all documents into Spanish, administration fee and any other costs which may incur on your behalf. The costs are generally set at the outset of the case and are related to the amount being claimed. All the costs involved will be claimed back on your behalf.

If I am paying for my timeshare / holiday ownership on Finance can I still make a claim ?

It does not matter if you are still paying for your timeshare / holiday ownership you can still make a claim ?

If I make a claim, can I still use my timeshare / holiday ownership ?

Once the sentence has been passed by the courts, you will have a choice to continue with your timeshare membership (paying the relevant maintenance fees) or relinquish it, in which case you will have no further obligations or rights associated with it.

Do I have to pay my maintenance / membership fees if I no longer wish to use my week(s) ?

If you wish, the lawyer can request the resort to suspend payments until the legal proceedings are finished. Until the judge has made a decision the resort can still request the maintenance / membership fees to be paid.